Every foot is different – which is what makes every foot perfect. You just need the perfect fit to match them. Comfort is personal. So are your feet. When it comes to your perfect fit, it’s all about you.


All feet welcome

Wide fit. Slim fit. What-you’ve-been-looking-for fit. Over 40 fitting combinations are on hand to give your feet the perfect fit. Because ‘that’ll do’ doesn’t cut it in our book.

Because ‘that’ll do’ will never do

Wide or slim. Long or short. High arches or low. We offer over 40 fitting combinations, including UK whole and half sizes, to give your feet the perfect fit. Not a nearly perfect fit.

Find your fit. Fuel your comfort.

Size. Fit. Arch type. Three dimensions of comfort. Three ways our 3D foot scan helps to identify the perfect shoe for you.

It’s comfort – without the guesswork.

Unlock your perfect fit through our 3D foot-scanning technology, Hotter Footprint™.

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